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Tall, with mind blowing long creamy legs, dressed in a tube black mini-dress, and cum fuck me pumps. She had lovely little firm breasts with perky nipples and the most lovely smile Jane had ever seen. Small, heart-shaped, with a tiny nose, prominent cheekbones, dazzling green eyes, full lips and wave after wave of gorgeous brown hair, she hardly needed the dramatic dark make-up she wore. Jane was stunned in to silence for a moment, but before she could even attempt to speak, the brunette had strode over to her, taken her face in her hands, and kissed her .

The brunette opened her lips wide and let her tongue mingle with Jane's, roaming it all around her mouth, her large white teeth pressing against Jane's own teeth. Jane melted in to the kiss totally and shockingly easily, as if she had always been kissing other women in this way. Jane was actually quite surprised at how all her nerves vanished as soon as the brunette's lips had pressed against hers. The brunette continued to kiss her, gently and slowly at first, then passionately, her lips moving with urgent passion. Jane was quite shocked at how the brunette seemed to be so into it. Wanting to take control, as was Jane's way, generally, Jane grabbed the brunette's head, and pulled her head even closer to hers, running her fingers through the luscious silky brown locks. Jane felt her pussy melting, felt the wetness soak through the flimsy material of her thin lacy pants. She was almost bursting with the need for the brunette to strip them off, and take her pussy into that luscious full mouth, but what the brunette did was possibly even more arousing. Pressing her body so close to Jane's that their breasts touched, the hard nipples rubbing against each others', the brunette crawled a hand between her legs, and began to gently probe at the wet pussy flesh through the lacy pants, pressing the seam into Jane's wet cunt. Jane felt her knees tremble and give way; the brunette grabbed hold of her and shoved her to the deeply carpeted hallway floor before she had the chance to fall.

Now the brunette was in control. With her body not quite on top of Jane's, the brunette, reached down to Jane's wetness, and slid a hand beneath the elastic of the pants, maddeningly slowly. The brunette's fingers gently parted the pussy lips, and immediately came in to contact with the hard little clit, sliding about a little in the wetness of Jane's pussy. Jane felt a yell building within her, and she smothered it against the smooth flesh of the brunette's shoulder, biting gently as she did so. As the brunette's fingers began to rub at Jane's clit, slowly, so slowly, the brunette whispered into Jane's ear, in a sexy, smouldering deep voice, "You want me to fuck you, don't you? You want me to suck your hard nipples, bite those lovely full breasts". Jane groaned her assent. "Then", continued the brunette, "You want me to run my tongue down your body, like this", the brunette said, breaking off to slowly begin to kiss Jane's breasts, gently sucking the hard nipples. Her tongue flicked out, pushing at the nipple for some moments, then she slid it very lightly and gently down over the curve of Jane's full breast, down to the flat taut stomach. As the brunette's tongue flicked in to Jane's belly button for long seconds, twisting this way and that, Jane began to buck her hips, pressing her body against the brunette's upper body. The brunette's tongue began to trace lower down, so slowly and gently, right down to the top of Jane's pussy. The the brunette looked up at Jane, her eyes twinkling, and smiled. "Do you want me to lick your cunt? You smell so fucking horny, you are so hot and wet, and ready for me. Say the words. Just say the words and I will lick you". Jane looked up with pleading in her eyes. "Oh, god", Jane croaked out hoarsely. "God, yes. Lick me, fuck me with your tongue".

The brunette laughed, and flicked her tongue out. Slowly and ever so lightly, she pressed the tip of her tongue against the top of Jane's pussy lips, parting them slightly. "Like this? Do you want me to do this? You are clsoe, I can tell. You smell close. I can smell the wetness of you, and I know you want me. Do you want me to flick my tongue on your clit?". Jane could only nod this time, as the brunette, her hair trailing over Jane's stomach and thighs, flicked her tongue out again, and flicked it over her rock-hard clit. Jane almost yelled out, the sensation was so intense. Bucking her hips against the brunette's mouth, Jane grabbed her head, and forced her mouth to her oozing pussy. The brunette's tongue began to lap back and forth over Jane's clit, slowly making cirlces at first, then faster and faster, back and forth, pressing hard against the clit. Then the brunette began to suck Jane's clit, softly at first, then harder, sucking not only the clit but the whole labia into her mouth. Then her tongue went down to plunge into the soaking opening, plunging rapidly in and out. As the brunette alternated between tonguing her pussy and sucking her hard clit, Jane suddenly wanted to see if this was having any affect on her at all. Reaching out a confident hand, Jane managed to reach far enough to just grab at the brunette's pussy. And Jane could feel that the brunette was as wet as she was. Grinning, the brunette lifted her glistening mouth away from Jane's cunt, and she came to lay beside Jane, so they could both touch each other. Jane stripped her own wet panties off, then she stripped off the brunette's panties. Intrigued by the response, she went down on her pussy. Using her fingers and tongue on the brunette till she squirted, then gushed cum in her face. The brunette lay exhausted and barely able to move from the intensity of the orgasms. Sensing the tryst was over Jane got up and got some towels to clean up. She gently patted the pussy dry and helped the brunette get dressed.

As she went to the door, the brunette said " Next time it's my time to get you off"

"That will be tomorrow night" Jane said.