by Lonelywine (address withheld)


A wife and mother discovers the joy of lesbianism and
more. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr)


Sometimes we do things that have no rhyme or reason. We
just do it without thinking.

My name is Jillian Springston and I and my family live
in a small town in Southern Indiana. If there were such
a magazine called the “All American Family”, the four
of us could well be on the cover.

By the four of us, I refer to myself and my husband of
nineteen years Jake; my daughter Lisa who is seventeen;
and my son Brian who just graduated from high school
this past June. I of course am on the high end of
thirty something, but I am still trim and shapely
enough that most people think I’m younger.

Rather than try to describe myself, I can tell you
honestly that I look very much like Patricia Heaton,
she of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” television series.
At 5’7″ I would think that I am probably several inches
taller than she, but in appearance, hair color and body
shape, we are similar enough to be twins. Perhaps we
were in some other lifetime.

To get back to the no “rhyme or reason” thing, her name
is Delores Cortez and she is a schoolmate of my
daughter. She has the dark and sensual look of her
Latin heritage, and as my son commented once, she has
quite a “rack”. Rack in his terminology of course
meaning breasts. And that “rack” she has was the start
of a reluctant adventure for me.

It was raining that day she stood on the porch ringing
the doorbell. When I opened the door, she stood there
with wetness dripping from her hair, her thin white
blouse plastered against her. Suffice it to say that
her “rack” was quite visible to my eyes as I invited
her in, chiding her for walking in such a rainstorm.
She had merely shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me.

“It’s not that bad, Missus Springston, I like the

“I do too,” I laughed. “But I would much rather look at
it through my window than walk in it. Oh dear, you must
be chilled to the bone.”

“Nah, I’m okay. Lisa isn’t home, is she? I forgot that
she had to stay for band practice today. Was you busy?”

“Not really,” I said, my eyes constantly returning to
the front of her white blouse. I could actually see her
nipples through the thin cotton material. Oddly enough,
I could feel myself growing moist between my legs.


I suppose I have always had some sort of strange
attraction for the female breast. When I was five or
six years old and she was baby sitting me for one
reason or another, my mother’s sister, my Aunt Agnes,
would often cradle me on her lap and open her blouse
then let me suckle at her huge breasts. Once in a while
she would rub me between my legs as I sucked eagerly at
her titty, but I was too young to realize what was
really happening. Then she married my Uncle Alex and
they moved across country from us.

Many times I would attempt to touch my mother’s
breasts, but she would always push my hand away and
tell me that it wasn’t nice to touch her like that. As
I grew older and in high school around my daughter’s
age, I would find myself stealing peeks at the other
girl’s breasts whenever the opportunity presented
itself, but I honestly didn’t attach any great
significance to it. The reason I tell you all of this
is because it might help to explain all that happened.


“Delores… you might catch cold as wet as your things
are, why don’t you let me put your blouse and your
jeans in the dryer for a bit?” I couldn’t believe I was
saying it as soon as the words tumbled from my lips.

“Okay,” she shrugged and calmly pulled her blouse up
and over her head and handed it to me. Then she
unfastened her jeans and skimmed them down her shapely
and muscular legs. Without thinking, I bent forward to
pick her jeans up and found my face only inches from
her crotch. I could plainly see the dark triangle of
her pubic hairs through the thin and damp material of
her underpants.

My legs were hardly able to support me as I
straightened up again and turned away from the girl,
carrying her wet clothes across the kitchen and into
the laundry room. Pushing them into the dryer, I braced
myself with my hands on the edge of the dryer and tried
desperately to regain my equilibrium. I was so sexually
aroused that I was actually trembling. After a long
minute, I took a deep breath and returned to the living
room where Delores was half sitting and half laying on
the sofa. It only took me a second to realize that she
was posing.

My heart fluttering in my chest, I sat down at the end
of the sofa close to her now shoeless feet. She was
looking at me silently through half hooded lids, an
enigmatic smile curving the corners of her lips.
Keeping my movement elaborately casual, I reached over
and wrapped my fingers around her foot, squeezing

“Ummm, I like my feet rubbed, Missus Springston.”

“Do you?” I asked. Without making any pretense about
it, I looked openly and directly at her panty covered
crotch. “What else do you like rubbed Delores?”

“Anythin’ you wanna rub,” she responded quickly, her
Spanish accent very noticeable. “I like you.”

“You’re my daughter’s friend,” I said softly.

“I wouldn’t say anythin’, Missus Springston… not to
anybody!” Scooting herself slightly towards me, she
lifted her free foot and rubbed her stockinged toes
against the front of my blouse. “‘Specially not to

Releasing her foot and not even pausing to consider
what I was going to do, I turned and lay down full
length on top of her, just as my husband has lain on me
so many times. When I kissed her, she darted her tongue
into my mouth, spreading her legs so that we lay belly
to belly. After kissing and sucking at her tongue for a
minute, I slid myself downward and pulled the cups of
her still wet bra away from her breasts. She moaned
softly as I sucked her turgid nipple between my lips,
my tongue swirling.

She groaned loudly. “You makin’ me hot,” she said
huskily as she put her hand on top of my head and
pushed. “I wan’ you should eat me.”

It was if I were in some sort of dream. Realizing the
sofa was much too short; I twisted off of it to the
floor on my knees. She turned herself around to face
me, quickly hiked her buttocks up and skimmed her
panties down her legs, pulling one foot free. Hooking
her legs over my shoulders in what could only be a
practiced movement, she put her hand on the back of my
head, pulling my face into her crotch. I closed my
eyes, and for the first time in my life touched my lips
to another female’s vagina. My nostrils quivered as I
inhaled the musky aroma emanating from between her

I began licking her amateurishly then, pulling the lips
of her vagina apart with my fingers as my tongue
savored the exotic taste of her. My entire face pressed
into her vagina, I put my arms under her thighs and
lifted her up as if offering her vagina as a feast for
myself. Eyes still closed; I attempted to fuck her with
mouth and tongue even as I heard her voice drifting
down from somewhere above my head.

“You eat pussy good, Missus Springston… but I hafta
tell you somethin’… sometime I squirt when I come,

I was so aroused and excited, I couldn’t even
comprehend what she was saying, nor did I care. I
simply continued trying to burrow my entire face into
her vagina, my tongue working feverishly. After what
seemed minutes but could only have been seconds, her
thighs clamped my head in a vise like grip as she
smashed her crotch against my mouth.

I could actually feel her vagina rhythmically begin to
pulsate against my lips and tongue as she attained
orgasm; myself swallowing convulsively as a liquid jet
of slightly salty something spurted against my tongue.
I realized it must be urine, but I willingly swallowed
eagerly, not wanting to miss even a single drop as I
felt my own insides tumble in one of the most intense
orgasms I had ever experienced…


Sitting there partially naked on the sofa, she didn’t
seem to be the least bit embarrassed as I retrieved her
clothing from the dryer. As I stood there watching her
dress herself again, the enormity of my actions washed
over me.

“Delores? You’re still a minor. I could get in a lot of
trouble if you told anyone what happened here today.”
My voice sounded wooden and heavy to my ears. “Please
don’t tell anyone… please?”

She laughed. “Why would I tell anyone, Missus
Springston? You think I’d wan’ anyone to know that I
made out with an old woman? Sorry, no offense. What I’m
sayin’ is that you don’ have to worry about anythin’
like that! Besides… I hit on you, not the other way


“I knew Lisa won’t be home when I get here,” she
grinned as she zipped her jeans. “I was just hopin’ you
might be willin’ to play aroun’ a little. You’re a real
pretty lady.”

With a sudden flash of insight, I realized that what
she was saying was true! The wet clothes and the
willingness to strip them off in my living room;
deliberately pushing her crotch into my face; laying on
the sofa in her underwear as if in open invitation; it
all added up now. I had been royally and easily
seduced… and by an expert too!

“How did you know I might want to… to do what I did?”

“I knew soon as I come in the door and seen how you was
checkin’ out my tits,” she grinned. “There was a look
in your eyes. Hey… Lisa should be home soon. I’d
better get goin’, Missus Springston. And hey… don’
feel bad about getting’ it on with me… ya know? It
mus’ run in the family.”

Before I could ask her what she meant by that last
remark, she was already out the door and gone.


I thought about what Delores had said just before
leaving for the next couple of weeks. I also did some
deep thinking about the feelings I was experiencing now
in the aftermath. There was no sense in trying to
delude myself… that the sex with Delores had been
absolutely marvelous was a truth I would have to

I had loved the sensation of the softness of a female
body beneath my own, rather than the muscled, rough
hardness of a male. My biggest regret being that I
hadn’t taken the time to remove my own clothing.

But strangest of all was recalling my feelings when she
had peed in my mouth. How eagerly I had accepted and
swallowed it without a moment’s hesitation. Over the
years I had of course read and heard things about so
called “water sports”, always feeling a tinge of
revulsion at the mere thought of tasting someone else’s
urine. But now I began to understand how some people
could come to enjoy it, if you’ll pardon the pun.


It was about three weeks after my little thing with
Delores that my daughter confronted me. We were on our
way to the mall to pick up a gift for her Father’s
upcoming birthday. With me driving carefully through
the early afternoon traffic that Saturday, Lisa and I
had been chatting and making plans for Jake’s birthday
party when she dropped the bombshell onto me.

“Hey! I forgot to tell you that I invited some of the
kids from school to the party. Delores is coming, I’m
sure you remember her, don’t you Mom?”

“Delores?” I asked nervously. “Is that the little
Mexican girl?”

She laughed. “Oh, c’mon Mom. I know you remember who
she is! She told me all about it… you and her I mean.
We’re close friends so we always tell each other
everything. I’ve been meaning to ask you, how was it?
Or rather… how was she?”

My mind was spinning furiously as I searched for some
sort of response.

“C’mon Mom,” my daughter said. “Chill out! You’re white
as a sheet! It’s okay, heck, I think it’s really cool!”

Suddenly too nervous to deal with the traffic, I pulled
over to the side of the street and parked. Turning off
the ignition, I looked at my daughter.

“Honey, you obviously know what happened,” I began
nervously. “All I can say is that I am sorry! So very
sorry! It was unforgivable of me, I know. I honestly
don’t know what came over me, baby.” I brushed a tear
from my eye. “I’m so ashamed that you even know about

“Don’t be,” she giggled softly. “It’s not all your
fault, Mom. Dee has had her eyes on you for quite a
while now, and when Dee wants something, she knows how
to get it! Besides, she asked me if it’d be okay before
putting the make on you.. I’m the one who told her to
go for it!” She giggled again. “If it wasn’t for the
fact that you’re my Mom, I would have went after you

I stared at her. “Lisa? Are you telling me that you’re
a… a lesbian?”

“Nah, not really. I dig guys too,” she shook her head.
“I just don’t want to take a chance on getting knocked
up or anything. I guess maybe I’m BI. A lot of us girls
at school swing both ways.”

“But you’re only seventeen,” I sighed.

“I’ll be eighteen in two months. Besides, I’ve been
dancing the horizontal mambo with other chicks since I
was fourteen.”

The horizontal mambo? I shook my head and smothered a
laugh. “Well, at least there’s a chance I’ll have
grandkids someday then.”

“Probably,” she agreed. “But I’m not going to get
serious with a guy until I finish college. I want to go
into criminal law some day. But stop changing the
subject, okay? Did you or did you not enjoy sex with

I laughed. “You already sound like a lawyer, you little

I can’t believe you’re grilling your own mother!”

“So did you?”

Why try to deny it, I asked myself. “Yes,” I said. “I
did enjoy it! Satisfied?”

“You didn’t tell Dad, did you?”

“Get serious! Your Father would kill me!”

“Maybe and maybe not,” she said. “I found a stash of
Dad’s sex magazines hidden in his toolbox in the
garage. They were mostly magazines of lesbians doing
each other! The idea of it must be a turn-on for him.
I’ll bet he’d like to get into a little three-way with
you and another woman sometime.”

“Your Father?!?”

“Yep! Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Hey, you want me to
fix you up with another one of my girl friends?”

“Lisa!” I exclaimed. “Are you serious?”

“Sure, why not? They all think you’re a living doll!”

“Delores called me an ‘old lady’.”

“Well, you are,” she laughed. “But a sexy one. So you
want me to or not, old lady?”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug as I started the car again.
“Why not?”


Adventures of Amira – Episode the Umpteenth

Authors name: TerriGu712 (

…After a heavy day’s shopping they needed to relax.
They went into the bedroom and kicked off their shoes
and took off their frocks.

Amira flopped on the bed in her bra, garter-belt and
panties. Shanna sat on the side of the bed in her white
silk teddy. She undid Amira’s garters and as Amira
kicked her legs in the air she pulled off Amira’s
stockings. Then she got on to the bed beside Amira.

Amira sat up and Shanna unclipped Amira’s bra. Amira
let it fall down her arms and shook it off. Her breasts
were small and hard and tippy-tilted.

Amira turned to Shanna and kissed her on the mouth and
they kissed long and lovingly and their tongues were
busily employed and Shanna cupped Amira’s breasts in
her hands and squeezed them gently.

Disengaging herself Amira undid the little buttons on
Shanna’s teddy, little pearl buttons on the little
strip of cloth that went between Shanna’s legs. The
little strip of delicate silk that had been so close to
Shanna’s hot little pussy all day. She made Shanna sit
up and worked the teddy up her body pulling it over her
head. “Voila, the rabbit is skinned” she laughed
pressing the teddy to her face and smelling the scent
of Shanna’s perfume and then the musky odour of
Shanna’s sex.

Next she pressed Shanna’s shoulders down on to the bed.
Shanna laughed but did not struggle. Amira draped the
garment over Shanna’s face and getting astride Shanna
held the teddy in place with her knees. Shanna moved
her head frantically from side to side at the same time
trying to dislodge Amira with her hands all the while
uttering muffled cries.

Amira reached forward towards the brass-railed bedhead.
Two lengths of silken cord were hanging there. Amira
pulled one free and looping it around Shanna’s right
wrist pulled the free ends through the loop and secured
it to one of the brass rails pulling it tight. Taking
the second cord she repeated the operation on Shanna’s
left wrist and so secured her fast to the bedhead.

Then she moved to the foot of the bed and secured
Shanna’s legs with similar cords around her ankles.
Shanna now lay spreadeagled at Amira’s mercy. Amira
climbed back onto the bed and wrapped the teddy more
tightly around Shanna’s face and head. “Now my little
shameless strumpet your punishment begins. Prepare
for pain – and pleasure dear sweet Shanna – you
cannot see Shanna you can only feel and feel you shall.

Amira reached to the bedside cabinet and took from it
a black leather box. “Yes my darling girl I have here
my little box of instruments.”

Kneeling beside the bound body of her friend and lover
Amira began to stroke her naked torso. To stroke and
kiss and nibble. To stroke from neck down across
breasts, nuzzling hard, stiff little pink nipples,
nipping them with her sharp teeth, noting the head
twistings and quiverings and strainings of her sweet
captive, the muffled gasps and cries. “I love your tits
Shan, oooooh yes I love your tits, big, firm, springy
tits, big ripe fruits with hard little nipples, mmmmmm.
Shall I put the little clips on Shan? Twist them in
the little clips?”

She opened the lid of the box and rummaged inside it,
the objects it contained made a metallic rattling
sound. “Here we are Shan” Amira laughed her throaty
laugh and suddenly applied a small bulldog clip its
jaws covered in cloth to Shanna’s right nipple.

Shanna gave a sharp cry and arched her body upwards.
Amira swiftly applied the second clip and kneeling
astride Shanna twisted the clips and pulled on them.

“Hurt, hurt, hurt, little strumpet but afterwards
kisses better. Like to pierce them through Shan with
my little piercer, put little gold love rings in with
a little chain to pull on, little slave chain for you
Shanna baby.”

Again she laughed and rummaged in the box, taking out
a large needle and from Shanna came a muffled pleading.

Amira pricked one of Shanna’s nipples just where it
stood out from her breast she pushed it gently against
the skin. “Nooooo Amira, please!” Shanna cried. Then
just as suddenly Amira dropped the needle back into the
box and removed the clips and tenderly kissed Shanna’s
tingling nipples. Licked them and soothed them and
kissed them, “Kisses better, Shan, dear Shan, kisses
better, lots of kisses better” and then her hands moved
on and down, across Shanna’s smooth flat belly, fingers
tracing circles, mouth butterfly brushing the silken
skin, down to the triangle of fine brown hair, mouth
blowing cool breath into Shanna’s sweet little muff.

Fingertips walking across the hard prominent mound and
then touching fleetingly the full lips of Shanna’s
pussy but not staying or exploring but moving down
inner thigh and down to knee and down and down– but
suddenly returning and a stiff, scarlet-nailed fore-
finger wet from Amira’s mouth pushing between dewy
lips and sliding up and down and lips becoming moister
and more slippery and finger finding Shanna’s clitoris,
really quite large clitoris which had hardened up in
anticipation. And Shanna moaning more and groaning and
rolling her head wildly from side to side and straining
at the cords.

“Gonna love you and love you Shanna darling. Could put
a clip on your clit too, little clip mmmmmmm you got a
real nice clit Shanna, could clip it up, pinch it hard”
and Amira squeezed the delicate bud hard with finger
and thumb to demonstrate. “And after, kiss it all

A Desperate Wife

by FOXI (address withheld)


A young wife must take on a new job to help support her
family. Little does she know that the company is a
modeling agency for lesbians. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr,
oral, anal)


Angela got ready for her first day of work at the LE
GIRLS agency in downtown Manhattan. She felt anxious
but mostly disgusted with having to get the job. It was
only because of her husband that she got it to begin
with. He had lost another job and now hung around the
house in his underwear looking shabby and mostly
pathetic. Life had been very difficult most times with
him but now they were near impossible. Even their sex
life suffered. Where once they had sex every night, now
they barely had it once a month.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Not too bad she
thought. Her short blonde cut hair was just the right
length and her crystal green eyes looked bright. Her
pouty full lips with the new lipstick shown wet and
sexy. Her clothes, all new, fit her like a second skin.
It was a modeling agency after all. She had to look
good. The skirt was short and rode up to her upper

Her husband complained about it but she gave him a hard
look that made him quiet down fast. Though she was only
a receptionist she wanted to look just right. Her body
was good looking with all the right curves and full
pendulous breasts with an ass to die for. She kept in
good shape and it was one of the reasons they hired
her. It doesn’t look to well to hire someone ugly at a
modeling agency. At least she had that.


She drove to the building complex and parked the car in
the corporate garage. The elevator took her to the
fourteenth floor where a receptionist greeted her and
then led her to Miss Peter’s office. She couldn’t help
but notice that everyone in the place was female. Not a
man about. The place was huge and filled with desks and
offices along with posters and pictures of all the
models in stages of dress and undress.

She blushed a bit seeing one with a girl that couldn’t
be more than a pre-teen stark naked holding a snake
that was wrapped about her thin body. Exotic but kinky.
Finally she was led into Miss Peters’ office. She was
tall and strikingly beautiful. Long legs and long black
hair. Her blue eyes stared at Angela making her very
self aware. No doubt this woman was also a model at one
time or another though she was not very old at all.

“Please sit down Ms. Price. I’m told that you are going
to be working as a receptionist here at LE GIRLS. I
want to welcome you. As a matter of fact you’re going
to be my receptionist. I like my girls to be on time
all the time and looking sharp and beautiful each day.”

Angela nodded fully aware of the power this woman had
in the company. She was in charge of photo shoots and
layouts for the magazine.

“If you wouldn’t mind my dear please stand up.”

The woman sat back in her chair and watched as Angela
stood before her. Angela felt funny as the woman looked
her first up then down taking in every curve and angle.

“Your a very beautiful girl Angela did you know that?”

Angela didn’t know what to say but thanked her for the

“As I do with all the new girls that work for me I want
them to see what I do for the company. Actually go on a
photo shoot and then bring them through the process of
layouts and placements in the magazine. Does that sound
ok to you Angela?”

Again she nodded yes. No sooner than walking into the
agency and the woman had her running behind her. Maxi
Peters, the name given her by her magazine partners led
her through various doorways all leading to the studios
where magic was made. She followed this beautiful
Amazon of a woman till they finally came to one studio
where cameras were set up and several people mingled

“Just stand here honey and watch how wonderful this all
is. See the girl over there? She’s our monthly company
model. Every month the girls choose a fellow worker to
be in our private company magazine given only to the
employees who work here. We all love it. We get to see
the real person who works beside us every day. Watch
and learn.”

Angela saw the girl in question who was young like her
with long dark brown hair that fell to the small of her
back. Her body was flawless and quite stunning. Though
she was almost boyish looking she had small perfect
breasts and a beautiful tight little ass. Her pussy was
shaved clean and she lay upon a platform with lights
all around her. She looked stunning and excited.

The photographer a woman who looked a lot like Jodi
Foster moved toward the platforms edge camera in hand.

“Alright Gina you know what to do baby,” came her husky

Angela watched in amazement as the young girl posed in
every way making her body look sexy and strikingly
beautiful. The photographer moved around the platform
clicked off pictures fast. Gina spread her legs wide
showing more than Angela would have thought decent for
any magazine but it was captured on film.

The girl’s pussy was open and very wet making Angela
turn away briefly somewhat embarrassed by such a
display. Maxi watched Angela’s expressions finding the
girl amusing and very sexy because of her naive
innocents. But shifted her gaze back to Gina who now
turned over raising her ass high and opening her legs
wider for a full display of her wares. The girls was
hot in every way.

“What do you think Angela? Is she not beautiful?”

Angela could not take her gaze off the young girl
despite her being uncomfortable with such photos.

“Yes she is very beautiful.”

Gina reached back and spread her pussy lips open
showing her pink insides that were dripping wet from
her own excitement. The photographer moved closer
almost touching her pussy and snapped off several

“Incredible girl” came the photographer as she posed
her again in a very provocative way. Soon the girl
pulled her legs back knees touching her small breasts
showing her fully to all in the room. Pussy juice
flowed down to her anus and to the platform below. More
pictures captured the incredible sexy moment.

“That’s a very beautiful and enticing girl don’t you
think Angela”?

Stunned and too mesmerized to answer immediately she
could only nod and felt her pulse quicken at seeing
such a brazen sexual display. Never in her life did she
ever see such a sexual act of womanhood.

“She was quite beautiful” She agreed knowing that her
face must have been quite flushed.

“Come on honey I think you’ve seen enough for today.”

For the rest of the day she learned her new job but
couldn’t get the vision of the young girl out of her
head. She reached down between her legs and felt
wetness. God could she have gotten that excited
watching another woman? She tried to concentrate on her
work and near found it impossible.


The next day she felt more secure at her job doing
mundane things that she was more familiar with. She
dared not tell her husband what she witnessed the day
before otherwise he would make her quit immediately.
They couldn’t afford to do that and the pay here was
more than adequate to help pay the bills.

She dressed in a very tight mini skirt and wrap around
blouse that accentuated her body. Maxi told her she
looked stunning and it made her feel excited though she
couldn’t quite understand why it did. Every once in a
while she would catch Maxi staring at her legs and she
would blush openly making Maxi laugh out loud. Each day
it went like this and Angela felt more comfortable.

More relaxed in her feelings and her body. She went
with Maxi to several more shoots very much like the
first ones with girls showing off their bodies in
erotic ways. She was beginning to watch with a feeling
of excitement and awe at each girl’s young tight body.
Even giving her opinion to Maxi as to what she liked
about each one. Maxi smiled her brilliant smile and
kissed her cheek.

“Baby, welcome to my hot little world.”

That day at her desk she reached down and felt between
her legs again. Her panties were soaked through. It was
obvious now that other girls were turning her on. Never
in her wildest dreams would such a thing ever occur to

At home that night she became the aggressor and fucked
her husband till he couldn’t walk. He looked at her
with amazement at her sudden change in sexual habits.

“What the hell was that”? He finally said as his cock

Indeed, she thought. What was happening to me?


After a month at the job Angela knew many of the
workers not only by name but by watching them have
their photos taken. In fact she knew almost every inch
of their bodies. Many would come to her desk to talk
and laugh about some sexual thing or another. Sex was
the number one topic each and every day. Maxi still
watched her like a mother hen. Maybe more so always
staring at her as she walked or bent over. Angela knew
that Maxi liked girls.

LE GIRLS was not just any magazine. It was created for
lesbians and only lesbians. Not all in the company were
sexually oriented in that way but most were if not
bisexual. Angela knew that her feelings were beginning
to shift wildly in a girl direction despite being
married. Her husband left little to be desired these
days and the exciting world before her drew her in to
its sexual deviances easily and very seductively.

She knew that Maxi understood this and waited patiently
for her to turn her way sexually.

Later that day Maxi approached Angela and sat at the
edge of her desk.

“The girls have chosen you as the next LE GIRL
centerfold baby. You think you’re up to it”?

Angela, mouth slightly open, looked surprised and
excited. But to pose naked for all the girls here was
another thing to consider even though it was a

“I don’t know Maxi. I don’t know if I could do the
things the other girls did.”

Maxi reached out and brushed her face lightly with her

“Baby I know better. I’ve been watching you. You’re
ready to move on to better things. Better lovers and
really much better sex. The girls really want to see
you. They know how hot you are honey. Let them see the
real you.”

Maxi leaned down and kissed her lightly on the mouth
making Angela quiver in excitement. It was like an
electric shock running straight to her pussy. Maxi left
to go back to her office but stopped briefly to look
back at her and smiled.

“If you choose to do the shoot, remember to shave baby.
We like to see everything. The shoots tomorrow.”

Angela sat stunned. Her body betraying her openly. Her
face flushed and excited and Maxi’s kiss replaying over
and over in her mind.

That night at home she avoided her husband who was
drunk and went into the bathroom to shave herself
clean. By the time she had finished she had orgasmed


The next day she went straight to Maxis office. Maxi
stared at her with that winning all knowing smile.

“Something tells me we are going to see some incredibly
sexy photos of you.”

Angela smiled almost innocently.

“Yes. Ill do it Maxi.”

“Good the girls have been dying to see you. We all have
baby. The drool has accumulated around here since you

Angela laughed. She thought about the shoot all night
long wondering if it was the right thing to do. But
thinking about how she was accepted here and treated in
a special way made her mind up quickly. She came to the
realization that she liked girls. A lot. Her pussy was
always wet here.

Maxi took her hand and led her to the studio she first
went to. The same photographer waited lights blazing
toward the platform.

“God baby we’ve been waiting on you for a long time.
Bout time you came around.”

Maxi whispered in her ear.

“Just listen and do everything she tells you honey.
Make us all want to fuck you when your done.”

Angela stared at her with open lust at the comment
knowing that Maxi would watch the whole time. She would
give it her all indeed.

She undressed and stood naked before the photographer
and Maxi who stood behind her watching with extreme
interests in her. The photographer named Dani led her
to the platform and had her lay down on her back.

“Shit girl you look good enough to eat.”

Both Angela and Maxi laughed at the obvious reference.
Soon Dani began to click away capturing Angela from
every angle.

“Turn on your side baby. I want to see your profile and

Angela did so noticing Maxi looking like a starving man
at piece of meat. She smiled.

Dani shot more frames and asked Angela to get on all
fours and raise her ass up.

“That’s it baby like that. Higher…yeah, nice.”

Angela loved this position. Doggy style. Her ass was
open showing all of her to both Dani and Maxi. Her
pussy had flowered open revealing her pinkness and also
a dripping excitement.

“God yeah, incredible cunt baby. Look how wet she is

Maxi could see that clearly enough. The girl was really
turned on. Angela’s clit was swollen to the size of a
pencil eraser. God the girl was amazing.

“Dani get a good shot of her girl cock will you.”

Dani smiled knowingly. She had Angela lay on her back
again and asked her to open her legs wide.

“Now reach down baby and show us your clit. Pull it way
back. I want to get all of it on film.”

Angela breathing quickly and very excited sexually
complied pulling the hood back from her swollen clit
revealing it to Maxi and Dani. Dani quickly bent low
aiming the camera and snapping several close shots.

“Do it again baby. I want to make sure its fully

Just the feeling of her fingers paying upon her own
clit was making her so hot and horny she didn’t know
how long she could hold out from cumming openly. But
she did as Dani ordered and pulled at her clit again
making it swell even larger and sending shivers of
pleasure through her. God she was going to cum if she

“Don’t stop baby I want to get it between your
fingers…yeah like that. God that’s so nice baby.”

Maxi watched Angela pulling on her clit and knew she
was going to cum. Soon Angela arched her back her
breasts pointing high and straight as she came hard.
Her pussy opened and hot creamy cum flowed out onto the
platform below. Again she cried out as a hot squirt of
cum shot from her cunt almost hitting Dani in the face
as she clicked through frame after frame.

“Fucking nice baby. God so hot and wet. Never had a
girl cum like that during a shoot. Sweet.”

Maxi moved forward and knelt next to Angela whose eyes
were closed as she convulsed again in an orgasm. Maxi
reached out and ran her hand over the girl’s firm
breasts. Angela opened her eyes to look at Maxi wanting
her so badly. Maxi moved to her and kissed her hotly
sending her tongue deeply into her hot mouth.

Dani seeing that her usefulness was over left the room
and locked the door.

“Come here baby.”

Maxi maneuvered Angela so that she was between the
girls legs. Maxi spread the girl’s legs wide opening
her up fully to her ministrations. Maxi slid her hand
to the girls pussy feeling the wetness and cum from her
orgasms. She slid two fingers inside the girl’s tight
cunt loving the way Angela’s muscles gripped her
fingers like hot wet velvet.

“Ohhhhhh…Maxi… arghhhhhhh!” Cried Angela feeling
her bosses fingers twist and curl inside her.

“God baby you feel so good. You like what I’m doing to
you honey?”

Angela squirmed under her pushing her body upwards
capturing every inch of Maxis fingers. The squishy
sounds of her cunt told Maxi everything as she
continued to fuck this hot little beauty. Faster she
jammed her fingers into the girl making her cry out in
orgasm again. Angela’s muscles tightened and loosened
and tightened again as she came over and over her pussy
drenching Maxi hand to the elbow.

“That’s it baby fuck me like that. Show me how hot you
can be.” Encouraged Maxi as she slid another finger
deep inside the girl spreading her wider to accommodate
Maxis kind of fucking.

“Ohhh yessss…fuck me ….god fuck me…” Cried Angela
feeling for the first time what it was like to really
know fucking and cumming.

“I want to own you baby. I want you to never know a
feeling like I’m giving you by anyone else. Not even
your husband. Say you’ll let me make you mine and ill
make you cum like never before.”

Maxis fingers stretched and plunged deeper sending
Angela into a haze of pleasure. Hot wet smacking noises
emanated from her drenched cunt.

“Yes Maxi. Anything for you. Ohhhhhhh… fuck!” Cried
Angela in another orgasm.

Maxi began to push all her fingers into the girl who
was soaked and so slippery. At first Angela felt pain
and cried out from the massive intrusion but soon Maxi
slid her entire hand inside the girl. Angela never felt
so full. Maxi began to wiggle her fingers and then to
move slowly in and out of her cunt driving Angela crazy
from the intense pleasure of her fisting. Faster and
faster she fucked the girl till Angela opened her legs
wide and screamed shooting cum from her pussy in hot
wet spurts.

For over an hour Maxi wrung the girl dry from endless
orgasms and soon pulled her hand from the sopping

“That was so incredible baby. There’s so much more for
you to learn. Your cunt is nicely stretched and I have
plans for my new girl.”

Angela curled next to her body warm and so sexed up.
Never had she felt such pleasure.

“What will you do to me Maxi?” Came her little girl
voice as to a master.

Maxi smiled. She had this beautiful creature now.

“Whatever I wish baby. If I want you to suck my pussy
you’ll do it right?”

Angela reached up and kissed Maxi lovingly.


“If I ask you to let me ass fuck you you’ll let me
right baby?”

Angela’s tongue licked around Maxis ears.

“Yes, anything.”

“If I want you to let my dog Max knot fuck you you’ll
let him wont you?”

Angela rubbed her pussy against Maxi’s leg.

“He can have me any way he wants me Maxi.”

“If I ask you to suck his cock and swallow his cum
you’ll do it on command right?”

Angela reached out to cup Maxis breast.

“Every drop.”

“What if I want you to fuck my big stallion in the

Angela’s body began to move against her leg pushing her
cunt against it. Fucking it.

“I’ll take every inch of him if you want me too.”

“I want you too. I want to watch you fuck him till he
cums inside you then lick out every drop.”

Angela began to cum hard. Hot cum covered Maxi’s pant

God she was so in love with Maxi. She couldn’t wait to
do all that she asked of her.