Play Things – A Lesbian Threeway Sex Story

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Danielle and her twin sister Danika romped around the large apartment, playing with the abandon only young innocents could enjoy!!! Having turned eighteen only six months ago, they were still at the stage of their lives where everything was an adventure!!! They had been visiting their aunt across the bay in Oakland when on a sight seeing excursion into San Francisco they had met up with a large bull dyke named Erin who immediately had them in her thrall!!! While neither one of he pretty blonde teens had ever shown even the slightest tendency towards lesbian activities, this Amazonian mistress with her overwhelming personality, had easily lured them back to her apartment, whereupon much to their chagrin, she had both of them sucking on her hairy cunt as well as her fat oversized chest!!! It was when they willingly sucked each others pretty bare vaginas that they knew the would stay with this dominant fem as long as she would have them!!!
As usual their horseplay was pretty rough and tumble, and since they were totally naked, there was a lot of nipple pinching and of course pussy fingering going on as they chased each other from one end of the apartment to the other!!! It was easy to see why Erica had been so taken with the pretty twins as they had perfectly proportioned bodies with cute little asses, long slim legs, pert upturned breasts, and of course smoothly shaved vaginas that always seemed to be bulging obscenely even when they were just merely eating their dinner!!! It was still two hours before Erica was to get home from work, and after an hour of intimate poking and petting, both girls had been whipped into an absolute sexual frenzy that could only be satisfied with hard and complete orgasms!!! It was Danika who first broached the subject when she whispered, Do you wanna suck my pussy for me, I’m hot as a firecracker!?! Dannielle giggled that cute little girl giggle that absolutely drove Erica crazy, and after kissing her sister on each of her cherry red nipples, she pushed her quivering sister onto her back, and after making a little sigh, rested her mouth directly on Danika’s drooling pussy!!!

The two sisters were so wrapped up in what they were doing neither one of them noticed when Erica pushed open the bedroom door and slipped inside!!! Danielle was in the process of sucking her sister to a stunning orgasm when she was frozen in place by her mistress’s stern voice, I leave you two little sluts alone for just a few hours and look what happens, I told you have the apartment cleaned and dinner on the table, but from what I can tell all you’ve been doing all day is sucking each other off!!! Both girls were now literally shaking like a leaf, and as the big bull dyke began stripping of her clothes, they huddled together on the bed, wondering what type of punishment Erica would dole out!!! Standing nearly six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds, Erica Scott cast an aura that would make even strong men think twice before crossing her, and the two little bitches huddled on the bed offered little or no resistance when the huge titted bitch sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled them both over her lap and proceeded to spank them like they were little children!!!

Alternating between the two perfect little bottoms, she laid stroke after stroke on each cheek until both girls were crying like babies as she tanned their cute tight butts!!! I’ve just about had it with your two, she snarled while coming down hard on Danika’s red ass, you think that this is just a gravy train and that you can take advantage of my generosity, is that right!?! When neither girl answered her quickly enough she whacked them both hard several more times and repeated, Is that right!?! N-no, mistress, Danielle cried out, I-I’m sorry we didn’t get our chores done, but we just lost track of the time!!! We promise to do better tomorrow, Danika added between sobs, p-please don’t spank us anymore, we promise to be good, we really do!!! After giving each girl one final swat, the big dyke began gently massaging the little bottoms, while occasionally running her finger into their very wet little pussies!!! My, oh my, she commented softly while flicking her finger across Danielle’s hard clit, my two little urchins seem to be all wet and sticky, maybe we should do something about that!!!

After shoving the twins off her lap, Erica lay down on the bed, and while her two huge breasts hung off to the side, she beckoned her little sluts to her arms whereupon she fed each of them a nipple while cradling them each in her arms!!! Oh yessssssssss my little ones, she sighed as the two young women nursed quietly on her fat hard nipples, if there’s one thing you know how to do, it’s suck tit!!! And that was no exaggeration, because in the months they had lived with Erica, both girls had turned into tit sucking experts who would take a nipple into their mouths with just the drop of a hat!!! Many times Erica had invited her dyke friends over to sample the delightful bodies of her two house guests, and to a woman, they all agreed that the twins were tit suckers par excellence!!! As the two girls sucked her to heaven, Erica gently rubbed their bright red bottoms, and as the fury built inside of her hairy pussy, she spread her legs wide and gently pushed Danielle towards her seat of passion!!!

Erica couldn’t have been more different than the twins!!! She was tall and heavy while they were short and thin, and while her pussy had a profusion of dark pubic hair, she kept the twins shaved baby bottom smooth so their bulging labia and clits could be easily seen by just spreading their pretty little thighs!!! It was her hairy muff, however, that both twins loved to be near, and as she got into position, Danielle breathed in deeply the aroma of Erica’s hot vagina, and then without having to be told twice, she carefully spread the big cunt wide apart, and after sighing deeply, buried her mouth directly on the big dyke’s huge clit!!! Orgasm was almost instantaneous, and automatically Erica bucked her naked cunt forward into the little slut’s mouth as her climax whip sawed back and forth inside of her steaming pussy!!! As was always the case, however, it would take more than one climax to calm her raging inferno, so while Danielle continued to suck like a maniac, Erica pulled little Danika away from her breast, and after kissing her hard on the mouth, she lifted her like a rag doll until the little cunt’s pussy was pressing directly against her hungry mouth!!!

Now two of them were on a collision course for an orgasm as the two mouths went absolutely wild nipping and sucking at the two distended clits like there was no tomorrow!!! Erica simply adored taking her two little bitches into her mouth, and it always surprised her that two such small bodies would have such large clits!!! With her little lips bulging to twice their normal size, Danika began shuddering throughout her body as her mistress sucked her to a climax that was truly thunderous, while at the same time little Danielle was eating her mistress with an determination to give her the orgasm of a lifetime!!! To lesbians there is just something about having a clit in your mouth and a tongue in your pussy that made life wonderful, and at that very moment, orgasms that were truly blinding wracked both Danika and Erica’s pussies until the two of them slumped together limp as old dish rags!!!

Good god, Erica finally stammered, it’s always more fun when you mess up with your chores!!! Both Danika and Danielle giggled sweetly and with a gleam in their eyes replied, So, you just figured that out, huh!?!

Desperation – a BBW Lesbian Sex Story

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Paula was going out of her mind, she was down to her last twenty dollars and if she didn’t find a steady source of income in a hurry she was gonna find herself out on the street!!! The rent was due in just three more day, no, make that three months rent was due in three days, and even though her landlord had been understanding of her problems, even a nice guy like Mr. Fuller would finally put his foot down sometime, and Paula was pretty sure that time would be this Friday!!! Restlessly she thumbed through the help wanted ads, when suddenly her eyes locked on an ad that read, Women, Make Big Money Fast, No Experience Necessary, Start Tomorrow, Call 555-4321 and ask for Mr. Zolton!!! Could this be the answer to her dreams, that she didn’t know, but as her hand reached for the phone, she sensed that her life would be changing forever!?!
Please, have a chair, Miss Winters, Ogden Zolton said easily, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place!?! Uh, no, not really, she replied softly, your directions were perfect!!! Good, he replied while leaning back in his chair and lighting up a cigarette, so tell me, Miss Winters, do you know what we do here, I mean how we make our money!?! No, I don’t, she answered quickly, your ad wasn’t too specific on anything, except for the fact that the money was good!!! He smiled for a second, and after blowing out a long stream of smoke, nodded and replied, The money’s very good, in fact I’d say it was excellent, how does five hundred dollars a day sound to you!?! F-five hundred, she stammered, did you say five hundred dollars per day!?! Exactly, he shot back, and there’s a chance it could even go higher!!! Her head was swimming at the prospect of making so much money so quickly, but her good sense told her nothing was that easy, so in a wary voice she asked, What would I have to do to earn that kind of salary!?! A very good question, Ogden Zolton replied while getting up from his desk and motioning her to follow him as he opened the door, let me show you and you can decide if you’re cut out for our kind of work!!!

Zolton led Paula through a rabbit warren of halls, making at least four or five turns before stopping in front of a nondescript door with a small Do Not Disturb sign taped at eye level!!! You’re sure you wanna see what’s behind the door, he asked, it could be, shall we say, upsetting!?! I’m sure, she replied softly as a surge of fear and excitement shot through her, let’s go for it!!! A woman after my own heart, he said with a wink, here goes nothing, and with those words he slowly opened the door, and with her jaw practically hitting the floor, Paula stood there stunned as she watched a young man and woman making love on a large mattress in the middle of the small room!!! W-what’s going on here, she stammered, why are you showing me this, as she pointed at the two lovers locked in an embrace!?! See over there against the far wall, he asked, there’s a video camera trained on that mattress and it’s sending a signal to our website and on to a customer who’s watching all the action from the privacy of his own home!!!

Now she had the whole picture!!! In order to earn that kind of money she’d have to take off her clothes and perform sexual acts for the private viewing pleasure of some anonymous voyeur!!! Well, Zolton asked, could you do it, I mean in a room with a partner fucking in front of a camera!?! Paula’s mind was racing, she really enjoyed sex, and if her partner was halfway appealing she thought she just might go along with it, but there was just one problem and in a low voice she replied, Maybe, but my weight, I’m a pretty big girl and maybe your customers might want somebody whose body was a little more svelte!!! Ogden Zolton shook his head from side to side and replied, On the contrary, Miss Winters, there is a certain group of customers that revels in the Rubenesque type physique, and it just so happens we need another plumper right away!!! Plumper, Paula thought, that’s a cute way of putting it, but after thinking it over for a few moments, and then while wondering if she’s lost her mind, she heard herself asking who her partner would be!!!

Again Paula found herself following Ogden Zolton through the confusing array of hallways, until finally they entered a makeshift changing room, and much to her shock, sat a pretty young woman who asked softly, So, are you the new girl, I sure hope so cuz the customers are waitin’ for us to put on a show!!! Now wait just a second, Paula said while recoiling slightly, you never said anything about making it with another woman!?! Don’t you think I’m pretty, the slim big titted blonde asked softly while cupping her breasts and offering them up to Paula’s wide open gaze, I just love making love with another woman, it makes me feel so sexy!!! Still numbed from the events of the past fifteen minutes, Paula let the young woman lead her by the arm to a small studio much like the one she had seen earlier, and as the camera rolled, allowed the blonde to begin stripping off her clothing!!!

What’s your name, honey, the blonde asked while unhooking Paula’s bra and slipping it off her shoulders, mine’s Penelope but everyone just calls me Penny!!! Uh, I’m Paula, she stammered while Penny kneaded her big tits and began sucking her erasure sized nipples for all she was worth, ohhhhhhhhhh my, that’s very nice!!! Paula had never in her life made love to a woman, but she had to admit that the hot mouthed little bitch who called herself Penny was a tit sucker extraordinaire, and after having gently pushed her to the mattress on the floor, she lowered her smoothly shaven pussy down to her mouth inducing the plump newcomer into sucking her to the first of many orgasms!!! Every woman wonders what it would be like to suck another woman’s pussy, but what was most incredible to Paula was the fact that she was taking to it like a duck to water!!! Almost instantly she sought out Penny’s hot little clitty, and after nuzzling it for a moment or two, nipped and sucked it with such fervor that the hot pussied little bitch exploded like a rocket all over her face!!!

G-good fucking god, girl, Penny panted while resting on Paula’s big round tummy, are you sure you haven’t done something like this before, you were unreal!!! Paula giggled a little bit self consciously, and then in a soft voice asked, C-could you do the same for me!?! Of course I can, Penny replied while scrambling around and tugging Paula’s panties down over her hefty thighs, now be a good girl and spread wide for Penny’s hot mouth!!! While Penny was blonde and fair, Paula on the other hand was dark haired with olive colored skin, so when her legs were spread wide apart, a gigantic mass of brown fur literally leaped out at you!!! Penny sighed deeply, and after gently parting Paula’s pussy lips, let her tongue wander up and down the length of her crack until finally coming to rest on her big fat clit!!! The intensity that Paula felt in her vagina was so overwhelming that she literally lifted her fat ass off of the mattress while almost bucking poor Penny into the twilight zone!!! Whoa, honey, Penny chuckled while pressing her mouth back into position, take it easy, I can’t suck it if I’m not on it!!! I-I’m sorry, Paula mumbled, it just was so exciting I almost lost my head, I won’t let it happen again!!! But that was not to be the case, because as the hot mouthed little cunt lapper did her thing on Paula’s clit, an orgasm of tsunami like proportions slammed into her unsuspecting pussy, causing her hips to wrench hard, sending the poor blonde once again flying across the room into the unpadded wall!!!

Ogden Zolton watched on a closed circuit television feed back in his office of the plump young newcomer, and a smile broke wide across his face as she literally devoured Penny’s hot pussy in one large gulp!!! It was then that he did something he hardly ever did, and that was pull his own cock out to masturbate as the tiny blonde took her place on top of Paula’s hefty frame, and after taking a moment to get everything line up, jerked his pecker as the two women sucked each other in a wild display of sixty nine!!! As the two of them went at it, all he could think about was how incredibly sexy the little waif of a blonde looked while riding Paula’s rotund body, and just as the their pussies hurtled out of control, Ogden Zolton joined them as his own pecker erupted in a shower of cascading cum!!!

Back in the studio Paula and Penny were nuzzling each other as the camera rolled, catching each and every nuance of their performance!!! So, Penny asked, how do you like it so far!?! Paula kissed the little blonde on the cheek and relied, I’d have to say this a job with great fringes, wouldn’t you!?!