Adventures of Amira – Episode the Umpteenth

Authors name: TerriGu712 (

…After a heavy day’s shopping they needed to relax.
They went into the bedroom and kicked off their shoes
and took off their frocks.

Amira flopped on the bed in her bra, garter-belt and
panties. Shanna sat on the side of the bed in her white
silk teddy. She undid Amira’s garters and as Amira
kicked her legs in the air she pulled off Amira’s
stockings. Then she got on to the bed beside Amira.

Amira sat up and Shanna unclipped Amira’s bra. Amira
let it fall down her arms and shook it off. Her breasts
were small and hard and tippy-tilted.

Amira turned to Shanna and kissed her on the mouth and
they kissed long and lovingly and their tongues were
busily employed and Shanna cupped Amira’s breasts in
her hands and squeezed them gently.

Disengaging herself Amira undid the little buttons on
Shanna’s teddy, little pearl buttons on the little
strip of cloth that went between Shanna’s legs. The
little strip of delicate silk that had been so close to
Shanna’s hot little pussy all day. She made Shanna sit
up and worked the teddy up her body pulling it over her
head. “Voila, the rabbit is skinned” she laughed
pressing the teddy to her face and smelling the scent
of Shanna’s perfume and then the musky odour of
Shanna’s sex.

Next she pressed Shanna’s shoulders down on to the bed.
Shanna laughed but did not struggle. Amira draped the
garment over Shanna’s face and getting astride Shanna
held the teddy in place with her knees. Shanna moved
her head frantically from side to side at the same time
trying to dislodge Amira with her hands all the while
uttering muffled cries.

Amira reached forward towards the brass-railed bedhead.
Two lengths of silken cord were hanging there. Amira
pulled one free and looping it around Shanna’s right
wrist pulled the free ends through the loop and secured
it to one of the brass rails pulling it tight. Taking
the second cord she repeated the operation on Shanna’s
left wrist and so secured her fast to the bedhead.

Then she moved to the foot of the bed and secured
Shanna’s legs with similar cords around her ankles.
Shanna now lay spreadeagled at Amira’s mercy. Amira
climbed back onto the bed and wrapped the teddy more
tightly around Shanna’s face and head. “Now my little
shameless strumpet your punishment begins. Prepare
for pain – and pleasure dear sweet Shanna – you
cannot see Shanna you can only feel and feel you shall.

Amira reached to the bedside cabinet and took from it
a black leather box. “Yes my darling girl I have here
my little box of instruments.”

Kneeling beside the bound body of her friend and lover
Amira began to stroke her naked torso. To stroke and
kiss and nibble. To stroke from neck down across
breasts, nuzzling hard, stiff little pink nipples,
nipping them with her sharp teeth, noting the head
twistings and quiverings and strainings of her sweet
captive, the muffled gasps and cries. “I love your tits
Shan, oooooh yes I love your tits, big, firm, springy
tits, big ripe fruits with hard little nipples, mmmmmm.
Shall I put the little clips on Shan? Twist them in
the little clips?”

She opened the lid of the box and rummaged inside it,
the objects it contained made a metallic rattling
sound. “Here we are Shan” Amira laughed her throaty
laugh and suddenly applied a small bulldog clip its
jaws covered in cloth to Shanna’s right nipple.

Shanna gave a sharp cry and arched her body upwards.
Amira swiftly applied the second clip and kneeling
astride Shanna twisted the clips and pulled on them.

“Hurt, hurt, hurt, little strumpet but afterwards
kisses better. Like to pierce them through Shan with
my little piercer, put little gold love rings in with
a little chain to pull on, little slave chain for you
Shanna baby.”

Again she laughed and rummaged in the box, taking out
a large needle and from Shanna came a muffled pleading.

Amira pricked one of Shanna’s nipples just where it
stood out from her breast she pushed it gently against
the skin. “Nooooo Amira, please!” Shanna cried. Then
just as suddenly Amira dropped the needle back into the
box and removed the clips and tenderly kissed Shanna’s
tingling nipples. Licked them and soothed them and
kissed them, “Kisses better, Shan, dear Shan, kisses
better, lots of kisses better” and then her hands moved
on and down, across Shanna’s smooth flat belly, fingers
tracing circles, mouth butterfly brushing the silken
skin, down to the triangle of fine brown hair, mouth
blowing cool breath into Shanna’s sweet little muff.

Fingertips walking across the hard prominent mound and
then touching fleetingly the full lips of Shanna’s
pussy but not staying or exploring but moving down
inner thigh and down to knee and down and down– but
suddenly returning and a stiff, scarlet-nailed fore-
finger wet from Amira’s mouth pushing between dewy
lips and sliding up and down and lips becoming moister
and more slippery and finger finding Shanna’s clitoris,
really quite large clitoris which had hardened up in
anticipation. And Shanna moaning more and groaning and
rolling her head wildly from side to side and straining
at the cords.

“Gonna love you and love you Shanna darling. Could put
a clip on your clit too, little clip mmmmmmm you got a
real nice clit Shanna, could clip it up, pinch it hard”
and Amira squeezed the delicate bud hard with finger
and thumb to demonstrate. “And after, kiss it all

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